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Expertise in small hydro for more than 100 years

OSSBERGER GmbH + Co. KG in Weissenburg/Southern Germany owe their extensive experience in small hydropower (Crossflow Turbines, trash rack cleaning, automation) to the more than 100 years of company history and a presence in about 50 countries worldwide.

More than 10,000 original OSSBERGER® Crossflow Turbines have been produced operating in about 100 countries all over the world. They consist of standardized individual components configured with an eye to the commercial aspects of specific projects to complete tailor-made systems according to requirements.
They are available with outputs of between a few kilowatts and 5 MW. Thanks to their patented system, they operate smoothly from practically zero load to full opening.

Stationary and mobile trash rack cleaning systems increasing the profitability of both small and large hydroelectric power plants, and Automation systems complete the range of hydro products on offer from Ossberger.

Products and services

Original OSSBERGER® Crossflow Turbines are built from standardized individual components which can be configured to a tailor-made plant according to site requirements. This modular system facilitates low-cost manufacture whilst designing the functions to suit the specific project.

They are tolerant of debris in the water and adapt perfectly to varying flows; that is why they are extremely well suited for use in run-of-river locations. Smooth, quiet operation can be expected from almost zero up to full load.

Operating range:
Heads H = 2.5 ... 200 m
Water flows Q = 0.04 ... 13 m³/s
Outputs N = 15 ... 5 000 kW

Stationary and mobile trash rack cleaning (TRC) systems are a vital component for both small and large hydropower stations. By keeping the flow passages free, they impede head losses. Ossberger TRC machines are available to suit any hydropower station, no matter the size.

Customized automation systems complete the Ossberger Hydro range.

Project in Kenya

H = 44 m
Q = 2570 l/s
N = 978 kW

Project in Rwanda

H = 164 m
Q = 220 l/s
N = 302 kW

Project in Zambia

H = 16 m
Q = 6100 l/s
N = 799 kW

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Harald Obernoeder
Head of Sales Africa/Asia
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