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REDAVIA offers rental solar power for businesses and communities in Africa. It is a leader of rental solar farms with a proven track-record in solar farm design, manufacturing, deployment and maintenance.

The REDAVIA solar system is based on a pre-configured container model, consisting of high-performance solar modules and high-quality electrical components. It is easy to ship, set up, scale and redeploy. Flexible rental agreements allow customers a cost-effective, reliable and clean energy solution without the need for upfront investment, and operational adaptability to market changes.

REDAVIA rental solar power enables a seamless integration into the existing electricity supply infrastructure to ensure a more cost-effective and cleaner energy mix - with diesel generators, in a battery set-up or as a reliable complement to grid-connected power.

REDAVIA is supporting the reduction of carbon emissions and increasing the impact on a sustainable society.

Products and services

REDAVIA Product Overview:

Energy Generation Module (REDAVIA Fast Track Solar 80)

  • Features a pre-configured solar container with 89 kWp capacity

  • Fits multiple pre-configured solar containers with up to 7 MW

  • Ensures efficient and reliable operation of all components with an intelligent controller

Cloud Prediction Module

  • Observes the sky in real-time using a unique algorithm

  • Detects approaching cloud to trigger actions on the plant controller elements

  • Creates higher photovoltaic energy penetration and more stable power grid

Energy Storage Module

  • Stores all surplus daytime solar energy to be used at night or during low irradiation days

  • Supports or replaces a solar-diesel hybrid system and enables higher solar energy penetration

Distribution and Metering Module

  • Acts as add-on to the power elements and forms a mini-grid distribution system

  • Comes with poles, wiring and fuses for each house, plus smart metering

  • Provides sustainable power access to people and productive businesses in rural areas
Energy Generation Module (REDAVIA Fast Track Solar 80)

Fast Track Solar 80 is REDAVIA's premier solar farm solution. The system is fully standardized and pre-assembled by REDAVIA with all components placed into one container. The solution is then transported to site, installed on an unobstructed level ground and connected to the client's grid for immediate operation.

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