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SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH

German Module Manufacturer and Solar System Supplier Since 1979; with its head office in Adelsdorf near Erlangen (Germany) and German production location in Löbichau (near Gera) conducts environmentally friendly production of poly- and monocrystalline PV modules using modern German machinery.

SUNSET provides premium high class solar products “Made in Germany“ for a wide range of applications. Whether it‘s a small system for private users or a large commercial system, we are always the right contact!

SUNSET is your competent and reliable partner for manufacturing, planning and implementation of standard systems, up to complex and customized solar projects.

For a better quality of life and a healthy environment

Products and services

  • ►Solar Power Systems

  • Grid connected systems

  • Stand alone systems for remote areas

  • Back-up systems

  • Hybrid (fuel-saver)

  • Deep well pump systems

  • Street lights

    ►Solar Thermal Systems

  • Domestic water heating

  • Domestic water and space heating

  • SUNimpact® large scale plant

  • Thermosyphonic systems

  • Pool heating systems

    ►Supply of Individual Components

  • Inverters

  • Substructures for almost every roof

  • Datalogging and measuring systems

  • Cable for DC and AC side

  • Accessories for thermal systems
SUNSET SUNplatinum® AS Series 300 - 330Wp

A result of over 35 years of experience is the AS SUNplatinum® series, a
photovoltaic module with mono crystalline cells and thin-glass-glass
technology. These outstanding modules produce a continuous and reliable
yield, even under extreme conditions. By running as glass-glass module,
longevity is further increased and the load characteristics are further
improved. Ultrathin glasses enable minimal module weight in combination
with heighest stability, due to the possibility of framing.

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SUNSET PX Series 310 - 340 Wp

A result of over 35 years experience is the PX series, a photovoltaic module with poly crystalline cells. The PX series is designed for applications with high power requirements. These outstanding modules produce a continuous and reliable yield, even under extreme conditions.
The permanently sealed laminate protects the cells from humidity, allows
thermal expansion and provides electrical insulation.

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High-Performance Solar Collector SUNblue®

Achieve maximum solar yields with our top model at an optimum price-performance ratio. We have refined our tried-and-tested SUNSET premium collector. It is now even faster and easier to install thanks to a new connection technology - and even easier to handle thanks to its lower weight.

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Dominik Hammer
Head of international sales
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